As part of our mind, body, and spirit design of education, we approach physical education quite zealously. Our emphasis on physical education, athletics, and action instills not only a fitness mindset in our students, but builds character, teamwork, and self-confidence — attributes that last a lifetime. 

Our athletics program promotes positive lifelong attitudes towards personal wellness gained through the joy of exercising daily. 

Physical activity is scheduled daily for all students, whether through a movement or yoga class for our youngest family members, daily outdoor/indoor recess for all grades, or intramural/interscholastic play for grades 3 - 8.  Our athletic program teaches cooperation, teamwork and most importantly, respect for all levels of skill and ability. We make sure that every student, regardless of skill or experience, has many outstanding athletic opportunities.

  • In our preschool and lower school, there are dedicated physical education and dance movement instructors with deep experience who know how to engage younger children.
  • Our 3rd and 4th graders learn the fundamentals of team play in our twice weekly, Fall and Spring intramural program.  
  • Starting in 5th grade, our students are required to participate in our three season interscholastic sports season (Soccer, Basketball & Lacrosse) which also meets four days per week.  In addition, all middle school students take physical education classes twice weekly and follow a rigorous curriculum in fitness and other sports.
  •  All students have a healthy recess period daily either outdoors on our glorious playing fields, or in our two full-sized gymnasiums.
  • Our facilities include two full-sized gyms, three tennis courts, two full-sized lacrosse/soccer fields, two playgrounds and acres of playing fields.