Remember that it is not sufficient to have begun well; you must also persevere with courage and finish with resolution.

- Cornelia Connelly

A Holy Child education seeks to foster a careful balance of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional development. Our small class sizes and developmental approach to learning allow us to recognize and understand that each child has a unique and individual style of learning.  We use this knowledge to guide each student through their academic journey at Holy Child Academy.

  • Small class sizes that allow for individualized instruction
  • State-of-the-art technology in the classrooms
  • Award winning library
  • STEAM instruction & projects at every level
  • Visual and theatre arts, athletics, and spirituality are woven seamlessly throughout the curriculum

Early Childhood Division​The Holy Child Academy journey begins in the Early Childhood Division where the curriculum is rich in language, music, movement, and art. Children develop social skills such as sharing, cooperating, listening and taking turns, all while fostering skill development and independence. In every school day, there is time for imaginative play.

Lower School DivisionLower School students continue to be actively engaged in learning, manage the demands of formal schooling, employ the rules of language and numbers, and begin their study of both French and Spanish. The students’ day is structured traditionally, but small class sizes allow for individual- ized instruction that honors the learning style of each child.

Middle School DivisionOur Middle School program is designed to meet the developmental needs of preteens and young adults while preparing them for the academic rigors of competitive high schools. Each grade level in the Middle School is led by a team of teachers who work together to create an atmosphere of trust and respect as well as to provide an appropriate yet challenging curriculum.

Studying at Holy Child Academy