COVID-19 Preparedness


Holy Child Academy is not closed. While our classrooms may be,
we are actively engaged in remote learning during this time.


While the safety of our students, faculty, and families is our top priority, we are carefully assessing and pursuing the preparatory steps that are appropriate for our community. We are committed to following the guidance and advice from experts so that our policies and practices are informed by the strongest evidence available.

Our students began the transition to online learning on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Our teachers have been preparing for remote learning by creating engaging and dynamic online lessons. We made the decision to keep the Holy Child campus closed through Easter break, tentatively reopening on Monday, April 20, if allowed. We will continue our virtual school model with all students Nursery-8th grade until schools can reopen. 

While we realize online learning cannot fully substitute the quality of a face-to-face classroom, we are prepared to provide our students with creative and unique opportunities to continue their education while schools are closed.  

  • Remote learning can be accessed by any internet-enabled device, including a smartphone. 
  • Families that do not have access to the internet or a device can contact our Technology Department for support.
  • The expectations for students vary depending on their grade level.

Not only is it important for the continuation of learning to occur, but equally important to keep kids on a routine, especially in these exceptional circumstances. We hold academic classes remotely Monday through Thursday, while Fridays are special days - for Spanish, French, art, drama, music, and gym.  

Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we navigate this quickly evolving situation. Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Head of School, Art Viscusi.


Please keep washing and sanitizing your hands often, eat well, exercise, stay home as much as possible, and practice social distancing.


Early Childhood Center and Lower School (Nursery- 4th Grade)

Our Early Childhood Center and Lower School is adapting to remote learning very well. We have our teachers record their lessons daily and upload to a private Vimeo channel for students and parents to watch in the morning. There are written materials emailed between teachers and parents, assignments and quizzes for students to complete and return so that teachers can continue to give meaningful feedback. The teachers are available via phone or video chat to answer questions on an individual basis. In addition, we have included virtual “play-dates” for all students in the lower school so that they can continue to see their friends.

Middle School (5th-8th Grades)

Our Middle School students are adapting to remote learning like the technology pro's that they are. Our teachers are holding live classes online using Google Meet and interacting with students through Google Classroom conjunctively. Classes are from 8-12am, teachers broadcast lessons in math, English, social studies, and science. Students can interact by asking questions in real time, and open discussions can take place. We even require students wear their school uniforms while in class, just like on campus! 


We encourage anyone with interest to sit-in on one of our virtual classes, to reach out to our Admissions Director Tara Presti, for more information and instructions on how to do so. To our HCA parents- please share the invitation with your friends and neighbors!

Here are a few examples of what our great teachers are doing!