Message from Our Head of School

Welcome to Holy Child Academy, also commonly referred to as HCA!  We are Long Island’s only Independent, Catholic school and we take that title seriously. HCA is a place where we strive to “Nurture the Spirit, and Challenge the Mind.” While we take great pride in our Catholic heritage, we also want HCA to become a home for families of all faiths. Catholic and Christian values are integrated into the daily life of the school, but these values are not strictly beholden to the Catholic faith. These are values that transcend religion and so HCA is a school that welcomes all faiths.

Teaching is a vocation, not just a job and I am proud to say that I work with a faculty that views this profession in the same way. I am in awe of our talented faculty and staff and how they inspire and encourage their students, day in and day out. From the classrooms to the fields, the stage to the lunchroom, our teachers strive to foster a love of learning and a love of life.

Please take some time and explore our website to see all that HCA has to offer. However, I must let you know, that this site will only cover about 10% of life here at Holy Child. To get the full experience I encourage you to visit an Open House or reach out and set up a Private Tour.

With Grace and Blessings,


Art Viscusi, Head of School

Art Viscusi, Head of School