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Dear Friends of Holy Child Academy,

I am still on cloud 9 after Saturday’s Communion Celebration! The 2nd grade class seemed a little bit taller and more mature on Monday!

They have taken a huge step in their faith formation and my wife Melinda and I feel very lucky to have been a part of it. We celebrated their achievement during this week’s school-wide Monday Morning Assembly and the children did a beautiful encore presentation of “In His Time.” We have it posted on our Facebook page if you want to see it!

During Assembly, I took the opportunity to talk to the children about the adult responsibilities that now lie ahead of them. I explained that they have graduated from the “kids table” and God has invited them to the adult table. Now, more than before, they must walk in God’s path and remember to treat each other with kindness and respect. I also reminded all the students of the importance of Reconciliation and how blessed we are that God is merciful and forgiving. Now that they are in communion with Jesus, they too must be merciful and forgiving. We talked about how, sometimes, forgiveness is very difficult, but we must remember the example that Christ sets for us. We ask God to forgive our sins and are thankful that he does so and loves us unconditionally. We too must forgive those that have “trespassed against us”.

As a symbol to remind the 2nd graders of their special day, we distributed little Cornelia Connolly clip-on pins. These pins not only serve to remind them of their First Holy Communion, but also briefly tell the story of Cornelia Connelly, our founder. It stresses her commitment to treat every person with respect and reverence. We must remember her vow and employ it in our own lives each and every day with each and every person we meet.

Again, it was a great pleasure to share this day with our 2nd grade children and families and I look forward to many more memorable experiences in the years to come.

With Grace and Blessings,


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Multicultural Week at Holy Child Academy is week filled with the sights, sounds, tastes of different countries. 

Multicultural Week at Holy Child Academy is week filled with the sights, sounds, tastes of different countries.  Children in grades Kindergarten through 4th are immersed in a particular country for ten days, learning  a countries history, culture and tradition.  Throughout the week the children are engaged in exciting multicultural activities – singing traditional songs, dancing folk dances, making and tasting ethnic dishes, and creating representative art through many mediums. This year the students studied, Australia, Japan, England, Greece, and Italy.

Multicultural Week culminates for the young students on their grades special day.  Dressed in their countries colors, the students present, in front of the entire school, important facts about their country, sing a traditional song, and recite a simple prayer in a foreign language.   The entire student body then enjoys a traditional meal, prepared by Chef Micah, representing the “Country of the Day”.  This year many children tasted for the first time, Dogwood Dogs from Australia, Chicken Teriyaki from Japan, Fish N Chips from England, Gyros from Greece and Eggplant Parmesan from Italy.  So exciting and so much learning!



Inspired by Caine Monroy, an East Los Angeles boy, who built a working arcade in the front of his father’s auto parts store, our sixth grade students worked in groups to make arcade games of their own. Using no electrical parts, only cardboard, tape, other simple materials and most importantly their imaginations, each group was challenged to design a unique game. Working throughout January during Instructional Technology class, the sixth graders created a bowling game, a ring toss game, a bunny flower throw game, and a knock down the clown game.  Realizing how fun the games were, the class invited the Holy Child Academy first grade to come play. The first graders loved having the morning off to play games and spend time with the sixth graders. The sixth graders, in turn, were very proud to share their successful creations with their younger HCA family members. If you would like to watch the video about Caine’s arcade or learn more about what he has inspired across the country the website is: http://cainesarcade.com/  


Holy Child Academy 5th grade helps feed the hungry.

Our 5th grade class spent the morning making 111 sandwiches for the Mary Brennan Inn.   The students were so enthusiastic making the sandwiches and happy to know that their efforts would help feed the hungry of Long Island.

First Friday of Giving, Making Sandwiches for the Hungry


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September 2018