Inspired by Caine Monroy, an East Los Angeles boy, who built a working arcade in the front of his father’s auto parts store, our sixth grade students worked in groups to make arcade games of their own. Using no electrical parts, only cardboard, tape, other simple materials and most importantly their imaginations, each group was challenged to design a unique game. Working throughout January during Instructional Technology class, the sixth graders created a bowling game, a ring toss game, a bunny flower throw game, and a knock down the clown game.  Realizing how fun the games were, the class invited the Holy Child Academy first grade to come play. The first graders loved having the morning off to play games and spend time with the sixth graders. The sixth graders, in turn, were very proud to share their successful creations with their younger HCA family members. If you would like to watch the video about Caine’s arcade or learn more about what he has inspired across the country the website is: