June 2 - A Letter from the Director of Holy Child Network of Schools

Dear Holy Child Community,

The difficulties of the past months have strained and burdened all of us, especially, those members of our communities who have had the virus themselves or within their families and those who grieve the loss of a loved one. We support and pray for each of our Holy Child families.

These last days since the unconscionable death of George Floyd have opened a societal wound that has besieged our country since its beginnings. The societal, legal, economical, medical, and educational inequities suffered by our communities of color are very real and harmful to black and brown people but in the end to all Americans who desire a country built on justice, equality, compassion and wise leadership.

We certainly look on with horror at the looting, fires and violence on our city streets across the nation. But we must also look with open minds and hearts at the anger, fear and pleas of the peaceful protesters. With them let us hope and pray and act (Actions not Words} to move down a road of honest dialogue and social/political change.

Let this be the time we condemn the violence but hear the outrage and injustice. Let this be the time that racism and discrimination are held up to God’s healing grace and we move forward in actions for the common good of all our Americans.

May calm and peace come with truth and justice.



Eileen McDevitt, SHCJ
Director, Holy Child Network of Schools