How to Speak to Your Children About Racial Injustice

June 1, 2020

Dear HCA Community,

The past week and weekend have been difficult for us as a nation. I have spent the better part of the weekend with a stir of emotions that range from sadness to frustration to complete anger. The event that led up to the protesting and riots was/is despicable. However, we cannot let the rioting get in the way of the root problem here. We also cannot let the actions of a few shroud our view of the great men and women in law enforcement that selflessly do the great work of protecting us and promoting peace. In my Monday Morning Assembly message, I asked the students to lead by example. Show the world love, respect, kindness, and peace. That is who we are, that is what we teach. There is no room for hatred here, in our communities, or in our world.

Your children may ask you about the rioting, about racism, about discrimination. They may ask how to navigate these situations. They may ask for answers to questions that we don't have. If this topic does come up the best thing to do is listen. It’s ok to not have answers. Children often process through talking and we don't have to always give an answer. In addition to listening is modeling. We adults must model the behavior that will mold the children. Modeling is much more than words. How we act, how we react, how we speak. I am confident in our Holy Child Community. I am confident we are teaching our children love, respect, and kindness. And, more importantly, I am confident our children will lead our nation out of this chaos, they will lead us into a bright future, they will show the world that tolerance and acceptance is the path on which we should walk.

These conversations are difficult, but necessary. I have included a few articles on how to talk to your children about what is going on. The first two articles were written after the rioting in Ferguson in 2014 and the rioting in Baltimore in 2015, but their advice is perfect for today's scenario. The last four articles are about how to talk to your children about racism, discrimination, and helps to identify issues like microaggressions. These are only a few samples of assistance that is out there, but all of these articles come from reputable sources. Please take a few moments to review.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to talk.

As always; With Grace and Blessings,