A Letter from the Director of Holy Child Network of Schools

Dear Art, Faculty, Staff, Trustees and all of the Holy Child Community at Holy Child Academy:

I cannot be more grateful and admiring of the tremendous work all of you are doing during these challenging days and probably months. You have taken all that is right and good, that is excellent and enlivening about Holy Child education and put your hearts and spirits into continuing it in unique educational modes.

Thank you for the careful and creative planning that you did in preparing for this unprecedented school experience. As I study your e-classes, activities, and programs online your care and concern for the total child educationally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally is obvious. Your concern and programs are not only for the children, but also for the families and adults in your community. There is one conclusion: Holy Child education is in good – even the best— hands.

Please send my gratitude to your faculty and staff for the amazing work they are doing and the spirit in which they are doing it. I would have expected this response from your community, but it is still inspiring to see Holy Child spirit embodied in each of them. The sharing among the Heads of Schools goes to the heart of who we are as a Holy Child Network. This pandemic will most likely go on longer then we imagine, so thank you for your short and long term planning.

The prayers of all the Holy Child sisters are supporting you and your families at Holy Child Academy. May God bless and protect each and every one. Let us extend our prayers and care for each other and those outside our community during these days.

Cornelia said:

“It is not presumption to have hope and joy and confidence in God’s grace”.

Jesus showed us that God is with us always and we are all God’s presence in the world. So, let us presume as Cornelia did, this hope and joy and confidence that God has graced us with and bring it to every thought and endeavor, every word and action.

Please take care of yourself, Art, as you care for others. Thank you, and all of your community, for being Holy Child to your core.



Eileen McDevitt, SHCJ
Director, Holy Child Network of Schools